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The Ren & Stimpy Show May Be Coming Back

Junkie Monkeys: I recently stumbled across something very interesting while scrolling through Twitter the other day. A tweet from an animation director has confirmed that a Ren & Stimpy related project is in the works!

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dauntingpixel1896d ago

wouldnt this be the second time they revived the characters?

Treezy5041896d ago

Yes, but I like to pretend Adult Party does not exist.

dauntingpixel1896d ago

fair enough. do you think that audiences today would actually be able to relate or like these characters? times have changed a lot since they were a thing

MilkMan1896d ago

...yet so many other newer shows have bitten the Ren and Stimpy character designs, pacing, story name it.
Yeah I think people are ready. They've basically grown up with them and not know it.

thorstein1896d ago

I would rather think of those as homages to John Kricfalusi. Spongebob has an episode that looks straight out of his mind.

thorstein1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

What rolls down stairs
alone or in pairs,
and over your neighbor's dog?
What's great for a snack,
And fits on your back?
It's log, log, log

It's log, it's log,
It's big, it's heavy, it's wood.
It's log, it's log, it's better than bad, it's good."

Everyone wants a log
You're gonna love it, log
Come on and get your log
Everyone needs a log
log log log

Stringerbell1896d ago

Dont wizz on the electric fence! I had the cassette of all these songs as a kid. It was a see through orange tape, I must have played it a thousand times.

Soldierone1896d ago

I wouldn't get too excited. There is that movie that has all the old Nickelodeon characters in it. I doubt this is for anything else.

level 3601895d ago

One of the most copied art style/design by a lot of animation studios but they simply cannot match it's impactful underground humor.

Rute1895d ago

That would make sense because Ren got huge boost in popularity after he appeared in Star Wars.