A Great Villain Must Not Be Forgotten: MCU Antagonists Revisited


We have heard it before: the biggest issue with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is the treatment of its villains. Either they are too underdeveloped or killed too early. At some extent, that's very true and classic characters end up as no more than footnotes or plot points to keep the machine moving.

But I am not writing this piece to add to the complaints, in fact I have always said that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it. And if you are going to voice your opinion, then do so by adding something positive. A critique is not always a negative one.

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WizzroSupreme1114d ago

Loki is still the best villain the MCU has under its belt and it's why Thor: Ragnarok is the only Thor I'll give a hoot about.

StarWarsFan1113d ago

I'd love to see some modern incarnation of Red Skull. I think Loki is overrated and overused.

Soldierone1113d ago

Marvels best villains (in my opinion) reside in Spider-Man and X-Men. That being said Marvel had to work with what they had, and facing facts most villains for these characters were never really great to begin with. Some were, like Loki, but others meh.

Marvel is building a universe around the villains that do have impact though. Yes these other ones are stepping stones, but the overall arc is going to be a great villain.

I mean we don't really want to see two or three movies with the same small villains in it, not until some other ones were pushed out.

ZaWarudo1113d ago

I dislike MCU's version of Loki, he's so... bleh.

Hugo Weaving as Red Skull and James Spader as Ultron are definitely my favorites. And i'm really excited for Josh Brolin as Thanos.