Why All The Replacement Wolverine Casting Choices Are Terrible


Hugh Jackman first portrayed Wolverine in the original X-Men (2000). Since then, he has played the clawed bad ass over 5 more times and has become on of the most recognizable superheros around. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. A little while ago Jackman announced that Wolverine 3 will be his final time to wear the claws. While The Wolverine 3 is set for release in 2017, it is time to start preparing for the inevitable, recasting the most iconic actor to play a superhero. But I see a lot of these names thrown around online on who SHOULD play Wolverine, but these are the people I think SHOULDN'T take the role. Now watch me shoot down all of your choices because no one can play the role better than Jackman.

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-Foxtrot1115d ago

I would like it if he stayed on for some future Deadpool films...maybe in his yellow costume.

WizzroSupreme1115d ago

If he wore it as a joke costume Deadpool dressed him up in while he was unconscious, that would be hilarious.

RetrospectRealm1115d ago

Lol That just sounds weird. Plus, it's not like the yellow costume is bad. It worked in First Class.

Porcelain_Chicken1114d ago

The best possible thing to do right now is to recast Wolverine BUT put the new actor in the yellow suit and in the Deadpool series side of things. Take the character serious and make him more violent than Jackman's (Deadpool type of violent) and the yellow outfit works. Doing this would help the general public be more accepting of the new actor since his take would be so radically different to the point where few comparisons would be drawn while fans will be glad to have a Wolverine much closer to the source material. The transition would go down more smoothly.

F--king dream come true right there!! Foxtrot talk to 20th Century Fox! You're both Foxes they'll listen to you!

-Foxtrot1114d ago



They didn't listen to me with Fantastic Four so I think hope is lost...hell they are keeping the Universes together, not separate ¬¬

dota2champion1114d ago

Tom Hardy would be the next perfect wolverine, even hugh jackman suggested him

MilkMan1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

I could do Hardy, but he would have to beef up to Epic proportions. Don't know if he's up for that.

Shia, Carl and Scott and Jake could absolutely pull this off also, they can act and with the proper training, I can see the feral side in them. Easy.

gangsta_red1114d ago

Hardy was super buff in The Dark Knight and in Bronson. And I don't think Wolverine is all about epic buffness, it's all about epic bad assery.

MilkMan1113d ago

I think he's been beefy, not ripped. Hugh set the bar high for physical fitness, I think Jake came the closest with SouthPaw

gangsta_red1111d ago

Okay, I get ya.

I always pictured Wolverine as a scrapper anyway, not someone who would be ripped and cut. But then again he does have a healing factor so it would make more sense for him to be ripped.

Diffraction_Fos1114d ago

Are you kidding me? Your reason for not wanting Hardy is ill-informed and juvenile. He didn't just walked out on the Suicide Squad role. It clashed with The Revenant shooting and they refused to let him go. And he was quite pissed about it too.

Anyway, I'd rather have Hardy as Sam Fisher in the Splinter Cell movie. Much more interesting role than playing a constipated pretend "badass" whose main appeal is "arrrrrr.....i breakz duh rulez when n how i want.....arrrrr". *facepalm* He's such a try-hard. And pubescent kids who think breaking rules and laws make them look cool fall for that garbage.

gangsta_red1114d ago

Tom Hardy is the obvious choice on that list.

Seriously, Aaron Paul, Shia LeBouf...Liam Hemsworth...are they kidding me?

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