Grant Gustin Confirms Flash Supergirl Crossover Episode

EB: Grant Gustin confirmed on his Instagram account that the Flash and Supergirl will team up in an upcoming episode of Supergirl. According to DC the episode will air later this year on March 28th. You can check out Grant’s post below.

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Secret is out. @melissabenoist and I are gonna get to have some fun on Supergirl together..

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-Foxtrot1110d ago

Guess CBS are getting desperate...using the Flash as a life support machine.

blackblades1109d ago

? What are you talking cause I wanna know what you know bruh.

just_looken1109d ago

3 words

Justice league movie

ThatArtGuy1109d ago

Both shows are made by the same production company.

-Foxtrot1109d ago

But totally different networks

HRoach6161110d ago

How is this going to work when superman exists in the supergirl world and has never even been mentioned or had so much as an Easter egg in arrow or flash? Doesn't make sense to me

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1109d ago

Flash can easily do a multiverse thing. Say Supergirl exists on Earth 2 or whatever # they want.

kingPoS1110d ago

Gee.. if this keeps up, the DC Universe might end up self-implode from all the paradoxical series. Lol Already, I'm half expecting the the green lantern to show up thanks to all those arrow/flash episodes.

-Foxtrot1110d ago

"from all the paradoxical series"

It's so poorly laid out. Seems like they are making it up as they go along.

Take Jimmy Olsen for example, what if they decide to use him in a future Arrow/Flash episode? Means they'll have to probably use the shitty one from Supergirl

blackblades1109d ago

Stfu he ain't shitty but you on the other hand is.

DragoonsScaleLegends1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

I agree supergirl has horrible actor for Jimmy Olsen. I mean why did they pick a super tall model actor who looks like a underwear model. Heck he doesn't even try to act like the character.

just_looken1109d ago

I have been waiting for batman even sense harly was in season 2 of arrow.

2 episodes ago they said felicty couldn't be named oricale because that name was taken.

Fox were is batman???

Gezmoyassine1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

The flash is an amazing show.In fact i became a BIG fan of the flash after watching this show.With all the shows i'm watching i don't have the time to add supergirl on my must watch list but with this crossover i get to see how she is.

Oh and i think the dude who plays the flash is just perfect for the role..If they ever make a flash movie they (which i think they are going to make one)they should give hime the role

xMANB3ARP1G1109d ago

they are and he isnt. atleast thats what i last heard the tv continuum is separate

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