Elizabeth Banks Cast as Rita Repulsa for the New Power Rangers Movie

EB: The official PowerRangers Twitter account has confirmed that Elizabeth Banks (Hunger Games trilogy, Pitch Perfect franchise) will play the role of Rita Repulsa in the upcoming live-action Power Rangers movie.

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-Foxtrot1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

Why did they not get an Asian actress for this. It bugs me you have this big thing going on with the Oscars saying how black actors are not being treat fairly when Hollywood in general treats Asian actors like they are non existent.

The original was Asian and even the second one to replace her being Latino. If they want diversity so much then there is a proper way of doing it instead of forcing it.

RetrospectRealm1115d ago

This is 2016. Race and color does not matter. You simply cast whoever is best for the role.

-Foxtrot1115d ago

If the original was a certain race then why not use that for the remake/reboot. You can't cry about race being "unfairly treated" in the industry only for them to do something like this. It was a perfect choice for more leading asian/latino actors.

Although saying that it's worse in other films cases where something is being adapted with a huge bulk of source material like Marvel/DC who have a character with an already established race but decide to change it for the sake of it.

Porcelain_Chicken1115d ago

Lol if anything is diverse it's the Power Rangers. A more diverse group has never been since the Planeteers.

RetrospectRealm1114d ago

I think it's just as bad to say that it is wrong that a white woman was cast as a character who was originally asian.

You make these assumptions that studios are only casting characters as different races because they feel like it but you're wrong. There is absolutely no reason to believe that.

mixelon1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

.. You're accidentally on the side of the "SJWs" - n4g hate that. XD

I mostly agree, but thinking about it, power rangers is already a westernisation of an Asian thing with a bunch of westerners replacing the original cast (and concept), so it's somehow not toooooo bad.

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Stringerbell1115d ago

You do realize that the original Power Rangers were all Japanese? I hope you do. Also consider yourself the only person on planet Earth complaining about the Power Rangers and race relations lol. Thank god for the internet if I heard some kid whining about this in the real, I'd assume he escaped from the loony bin.

Software_Lover1114d ago

............. J.J. Abrams should direct a Power Rangers movie. My life would be nearly complete then.