5 Unconventional Films to Watch this Valentine’s Day

Richard of "If there is one thing that can be said for certain about me it is that I am in no way a conventional person. I’m not so abnormal that I am unrelatable or alien; but a lot of my likes, hobbies and even everyday way I go about things in life is in no way the way a majority of people would do so in life. ... I guess that is why when I tried to come up with a list of romantic movies for couples to watch leading up to Valentine’s Day not one of the five films on the list would be classified as your typical romantic movie. In fact, four of them are rather out there and barely dances on the fringes of being romantic while the one that is the closest to your cookie-cutter romance film is more of a chance encounters kind of film than a true romance movie. Still, I believe that these films do convey the message of love and understanding and romance that any other conventional film would. They may not be your typical Sleepless in Seattle, Love Story, The Notebook or even Titanic, but the message is still clearly embedded in them about what the main attraction of the film is. So please enjoy, and do try to keep an open mind about them… I promise you – they will entertain you."

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