Better Call Saul Featurette Reveals 17 Breaking Bad Easter Eggs From Season 1

EB: AMC has released a new video featurette for Better Call Saul’s second season that covers 17 Breaking Bad Easter eggs from the show’s first season. If you’re a die hard Breaking Bad fan you probably caught most of these references when they first aired, but this video does a great job pointing them out for those who missed the less obvious homages. The cast and crew also provide some insight into the ties between the two shows, so it’s a great video if you love Gilligan’s New Mexican TV universe.

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WizzroSupreme1115d ago

I can't wait for this. I'm already phoning Saul now.

Soldierone1114d ago

Normally these things are like "yeah that was obvious," but this stuff is actually cool. I like how deeply intertwined it is into the actual story, that's nuts.