Grease Live: IGN Review

Well, damn, that was a lot of fun!

I haven’t watched any of the live musicals NBC has done in recent years, whose ratings success no doubt influenced FOX to decide to do Grease live on Sunday night - or, excuse me, Grease Live! Of course, I’d heard about some of the knocks those NBC shows took for certain cheesy aspects and awkwardness and it was impossible not to wonder if Grease Live! might be in store for the same… even as Grease itself (a personal, musical favorite of mine – I was raised on the soundtrack, thanks to two much older siblings who were obsessed with it) may be a bit impossible to truly ruin, due to its ever-catchy songs.

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alycakes1110d ago

It was pretty good but nothing will ever compare to the original.

Stringerbell1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

These live shows are interesting certainly I'll take something like this over say another reality show...