Examining Hollywood Remakes: The Nutty Professor

From Cinelinx:

Welcome to another look at the highs and lows of Hollywood remakes. This time, we’ve got one of the better ones, as we compare two of the all-time great screen comedians in two of their best roles. This week, Cinelinx looks at The Nutty Professor.

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darklordzor1118d ago

I really enjoyed both of these when I was younger. I have a hard time getting through them now and I'm not sure why.

dcbronco1117d ago

I think it's time to stop with all the remakes. It just shines a spotlight on how bad the people who make decisions in Hollywood are. Its not that they are all bad, its that the shotcallers seem to be incapable of spotting fresh talent and ideas. They are no longer any better at knowing what is worthwhile than the general public. The big difference is the general public only gets to see what they show us. Just think about all the movies and shows the callers turned down or quickly cancelled. Game of Thrones struggled to make it on air. Walking Dead also. Firefly was quickly cancelled. How could they have not seen how well written and casted that show was. That is why streaming must take the power away from the few and give it to the masses.