Joblo | 'Swiss Army Man' Review


All this certainly adds up to a bizarre buddy comedy, and eventually SWISS ARMY MAN starts to run out of gas (not literally) the more ridiculous it gets. The one-joke premise starts to wear thin, even if there are moments of true inspiration scattered throughout. The big asterisk here is that I saw this at the end of a ten day, thirty plus movie run, so maybe if I had seen SWISS ARMY MAN with in a less caffeine-addled state-of-mind I would have had an easier time going along with the ride. Even still, SWISS ARMY MAN is nothing if not unique, and The Daniels obviously have a ton of talent, with this sporting an impressive scale and imagination to spare. It’ll almost certainly become a kind of cult item somewhere down the road, and it’ll be interesting to see how the public reacts to this once A24 puts it in release.

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