Will New Video Game Movies Aim to Not Disappoint Gamers ?

Being a gamer sure has it’s awesome side, but Hollywood tends to rain on that parade when your favorite video game series goes to the big screen. We’ve witnessed the atrocities of Super Mario Brothers, Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Double Dragon, Prince of Persia as some honorable mentions, that can be added to the “What the hell did I just look at ?” vault. So will new video game movies remove the bad taste of previous attempts?

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Soldierone1116d ago

Until a video game adaptation makes a huge amount of money, Hollywood will continue to not care.

That's what it took for comic book movies to finally expand. Sony and Fox took a gamble with some new franchises, they did well, and then it boomed.

In fact it will probably have to play out the same way. Sony, Activision, or someone will just need to start producing their own movies.

Redinfamy1116d ago

I do have to agree with that 100% I do think Warcraft hasa chance of making a lot of money. Resident Evil though so sell a lot each movie. I do feel the need that these gaming companies should have a major part in the production of these films.

Soldierone1116d ago

Resident Evil does okay, but it is like Batman was. It made okay amounts of money so they kept making it, but never really dove in. Then Spider-Man and such came in and made boat loads, so WB was like "hmm maybe we should focus on that more."

I think Warcraft has a big opportunity, but it also could fail miserably. I'm interested to see how it turns out. We also have Ratchet and Clank coming which could be a big surprise since it's flying under radar for most studios.