Childrens Hospital "One Million Saved" Review - AVClub

AVClub: It’s hard to believe that it took this long for Childrens Hospital, of all shows, to really put Jon Hamm to good use. His introduction as Derrick Childrens, the male alter-ego of then-newbie Valerie Flame, in the season two finale was a shocker, but no one really expected any follow-through with that at the time. It was just something Childrens Hospital did, as the first season finale had Eva Longoria play the new and improved Chief, only to never be seen again after that. However, Childrens Hospital continued to feature Hamm on a occasion, as both Derrick and his father Arthur Childrens; but it always did it with the fact that Malin Akerman was the series regular and Jon Hamm was the handsome guest. In fact, Hamm’s role on Childrens Hospital has always been sort of restricted.

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