We Got This Covered | 'Jane Got A Gun' Review

We Got This Covered

O’Connor’s direction is steadfast and interesting (besides the befuddling night-shot finale), but the movie never quite escapes being generically Western – corn fields and buttes at sunset and all. Maybe that’s the secret genius of Jane Got A Gun. Maybe all of these extremely straightforward aspects of the movie – the characters, the plot, the damn title – are meant to be a statement on the status of Westerns in a society more preoccupied with big explosions and cinematic universes and nostalgic appropriation as a means of sucking money from those unwilling to take the time to care about characters in between the bombast. But okay, yeah, probably not.

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WizzroSupreme1112d ago

Well, at least it was a nice reunion for Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman.