New Deadpool Clip Expands Upon the 2 Girls 1 Punch Scene From Trailers

EB: A new Deadpool clip has been released, and it fleshes out a scene we’ve come across in most of the trailers released for the film.

The scene I’m referring to is the one where Deadpool, Colussus, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead confront a very formidable looking Gina Carano playing Angel Dust, and the two women exchange lethal blows. The clip gives a very clear look at how often Deadpool will break the fourth wall as he talks to the audience about an impending super hero jump.

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-Foxtrot1120d ago

Colussus and that accent on

Fox really should have used this film as the basis for a more accurate X Men universe and make Apocalypse the last one of the old Universe.

Porcelain_Chicken1120d ago

Have they said otherwise!?? I mean Jackman has one more Wolverine movie in him. That's it. They are gonna wanna recast Wolverine. It's inevitable. This being it's own universe with a more comic book friendly approach would be the logical thing to do.

-Foxtrot1120d ago

They've pretty much said they are all in the same Universe 😔

Porcelain_Chicken1120d ago

Really!? So weird barakapool and this Deadpool are the same guy!? :0

-Foxtrot1120d ago

The defence that is always brought up over the decision is that because Days of Future Past changed the timeline it justifies it...however I don't think what Wolverine helped do in that film would alter things like that.

Take Colussus and his accent for would Wolverines actions stopped Colussus from moving to America straight away or getting an accent.

Then you have the small inconsistencies caused before Days of Future Past like Emma Frost, the age of Alex Summers (there is a version where he is the older brother but I mean he's not that old by the time you get to the present), Cyclops in Origins and now Apocalypse and even Moira MacTaggert, she's in First Class but is in Last Stand aswell.

It dosen't make sense...reset timeline or not.

They need to just seperate them and give up trying to fix the timeline. They messed it's fine if they wanted to do one more X-Men film with the original actors but they aren't.

Not to mention they can set it in the present day and have Jean, Storm, Cyclops etc at a good age instead of being really old.

The Deadpool film could have been the beginning of a more accurate X-Men universe.

I would love it if you had either a new Wolverine or Hugh Jackman in a sequel but in this new Universe (if they did make it separate) Wolverine wears his yellow costume.