Mark Ruffalo Promises Epic Arc For Hulk Across Thor 3 and Infinity War


Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner may not be getting his own standalone MCU film any time soon but the actor has promised Hulk fans are in for a treat as his character develops over his next 3 Marvel movie outings. “I’d love to do a Hulk movie, but that’s beyond my control,” he said. Ruffalo’s incarnation of the Hulk was introduced in 2012′s ‘The Avengers’.

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Aldous_Snow1114d ago

Was really looking forward to Ragnorak anyway, and with Hulk involved, makes it even more exciting.

dota2champion1113d ago

Hulk doesn't need a big role in Thor 3. The film should be center around Loki and Thor.

Soldierone1112d ago

It'll be interesting to see how this develops without getting in the way of the core characters that those movies are for.