We Got This Covered | 'You, Me And The Apocalypse: Season 1' Review

We Got This Covered

If the show is a bit twee in its opening hour (“I Can See Clearly Now” is its theme song), attempting to convince you that all of this will somehow approach plausible connectivity, it’s only momentary. As it progresses, subplots speed at you with aggressive enthusiasm, each episode’s opening scene pieces together more of the truth behind the occupants of the bunker, and one or two character twists are remarkably clever in the unassuming way they get revealed. A lot of You, Me and the Apocalypse rides on coincidence (a sin two characters discuss in amusing meta-ness), but it never feels slapdash or poorly constructed; you trust that Hollands knows where he’s going with his apocalypse even when his characters don’t. Honestly, the end of the world never felt like it was in better hands.

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