Screenrant | 'Arrow: A.W.O.L.' Review


At first glance, ‘A.W.O.L.’ comes off like something of a scattered episode of Arrow. Given recent events, like Felicity being shot and the spinal injury she suffered as a result, that’s not too terribly surprising. There is a level of expectation in how a show would normally deal with catastrophic, life-changing events like that, and yet at the same time, this is a program about a team of mask-wearing vigilantes with a city to save. Striking the right balance between the conventions of a typical hour of Arrow and the emotional tenor of Felicity’s ongoing recovery and adjustment to her new life is no easy task. And while the episode goes about it in a somewhat wonky fashion, there’s enough of a through-line within the two primary plot threads that it’s clear the hour is at least trying.

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