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AVClub: The confused, heel-dragging mystery drama Exposed suggests an especially dour, arty episode of Law & Order: SVU, minus any reasons to keep watching. Bringing all the presence of a victim-of-the-week part to a lead role, Ana De Armas stars as Isabel, a woman who experiences the sort of coincidental tragedy and sexual violence usually reserved for Lars Von Trier protagonists, prompting visits from music-video-esque angels and an apparently miraculous pregnancy. Meanwhile, NYPD Detective Galban (Keanu Reeves) pistol-whips and scowls his way through an investigation into the murder of his corrupt partner, which has to have something to do with Isabel, seeing as that’s the only reason a movie like this would keep cutting between two unrelated characters in what appear to be different time frames. First-time writer-director Gee Malik Linton had his name replaced with the Alan Smithee-style pseudonym “Declan Dale” after a falling out with the studio, which re-cut the film (originally titled Daughter Of God) before dumping it on to VOD and into a bare minimum of theaters.

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Sahil1117d ago

I saw the commercial for this last night on tv and thought "Hey! Mira Sorvino! Where did they find her?" then when it said it was VOD, I thought "Ohhh ok. It's one of those movies."