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AVClub: On Scream Factory’s new DVD/Blu-ray set of the half-forgotten 1988 thriller Jack’s Back, the movie’s cinematographer Shelly Johnson talks about the days when writer-director Rowdy Herrington was just a gaffer, working with him on the horror anthology Nightflyers. After wrapping for the day, they’d sit around at a bar with their fellow crewman Tim Moore, and Herrington would talk about his idea for a serial killer thriller, set in Los Angeles exactly 100 years after the Jack The Ripper murders. Moore would go on to be Jack’s Back’s producer, and as Johnson puts it, all three men had spent so much time kicking around the project that they knew exactly what the film should be. They wanted the audience to feel like Herrington was just telling them this crazy story over a couple of beers.

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alycakes1116d ago

This is one of the best suspense thrillers ever made as far as I'm concerned. I've always loved James Spader but he really outdoes himself on this one. It is creepy and just crazy. I would love to be able to find it on Blu-ray.