The Expanse "Salvage" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Finally—after nearly eight episodes and a whole lot of build up, Holden and his crew meet ex-detective Miller, and the show’s two biggest storylines intersect. It’s a point we’ve been heading towards since the pilot, and while the result isn’t exactly fireworks, there’s a thrill in how Miller makes his entrance into Holden’s life: popping up mid-firefight to give the Rocinante’s crew a much needed edge against some Earth sponsored thugs. They then make the horrible discovery that Julie Mao is, in fact, dead, the victim of the strange life form and possible bio-weapon we saw way back in the cold open of the first episode. After all the time Miller’s spent tracking Julie down, and essentially trashing his old life for the sake of a woman he’s never met, it’s deflating to see she’s been cold this whole time.

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