The Grinder "Blood Is Thicker Than Justice" Review - AVClub

AVClub: “Blood Is Thicker Than Justice” felt like a backpedal for The Grinder. In so many ways it retread on previous themes without bringing anything new to the table or looking at those same themes from different angles. The conclusion was foregone from the beginning of the previous episode and while it seems unfair to fault a network sitcom for being predictable, that’s exactly what this episode was, which is disappointing considering how creative and different The Grinder can be. All in all, these episodes accomplished two things: It opened up the possibility of Dean’s dream house as a new plot point, and it gave Dean an excuse to speak in court. But it was long way to get there. Best case scenario, it’s just a mediocre run of episodes. Worst case, the concept is becoming too unwieldy.

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