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AVClub: This is a damn good John Diggle episode. While revealing Andy was alive didn’t immediately unlock as many compelling story possibilities as one might expect, that changes in a big way tonight as John and Andy come together to save Lyla. (To the extent that Lyla needs saving. In a halfway fair fight between her and those Starspire goons, I’m betting on Lyla.) “A.W.O.L.” builds nicely on last week’s idea that John needs to look at Andy not as a H.I.V.E. soldier or as a criminal, but as a brother, something that becomes all the more difficult as the episode delves into how Andy wasn’t exactly on the straight and narrow in his previous life, either. Andy’s troubled past is a bit of a retcon, maybe, and I would have liked the show to acknowledge the incongruity a little more clearly than it has so far, but it’s not as though it’s implausible that Diggle would have chosen to remember only the best parts of his brother when he still thought Andy was dead. Either way, David Ramsay and Eugene Byrd build up a nice fraternal chemistry here as their relationship gradually thaws, with Andy proving he can be trusted, at least until his sudden but inevitable betrayal.

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