Younger "The Jade Crusade" Review - AVClub

AVClub: After some relatively intense episodes exploring both the conflicts and bonds that Liza has forged with people in New York City, it makes sense that Younger would be interested in traversing some lighter territory with a standalone as mid-season approaches. As always, the casting director (or whomever was responsible) starts things off on the right foot by casting Justine Lupe (a standout alumna from the dearly departed Cristela) as a Client of the Week. Jade Winslow is a fashion blogger poised as a whistleblower in the fashion industry. She’s ready to release a tell-all that Kelsey has the opportunity to publish if she can impress Jade. At first glance, this character appears to be as shallow as the industry she’s prepared to attack, but a night out at the club in order to get to know her potential team swiftly reveals Jade to be much more.

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