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411 Mania - "In the end, ‘A.W.O.L.’ is a forgettable Arrow episode. It just moves the plot forward, opening up future storylines for Felicity and Andy, which is not entirely a bad thing. I would not mind if Andy joins the team and I am glad that they quickly brought Felicity back. Also, tonight does have a few surprising moments – Amanda Waller’s death, the Oracle name drop and it even gives some weight to the fourth season’s boring flashbacks – but it is far from special."

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sonicwrecks1121d ago

This one felt very by the numbers, like when writing it was specifically A to B to C and throw in X as a comic reference and done. Kinda bleh.

Hold_It1120d ago


Seems like you're noticing what Season 4 has been the whole time.

afalco7131120d ago

One of the more forgettable episodes

windblowsagain1120d ago

Watch show. Don't take seriously, just like any other show. Enjoy.