Collider | 'Yoga Hosers' Review


What a strange, winding road Kevin Smith’s career has taken to bring him to Yoga Hosers, a “comedy” in which Nazi sausage monsters terrorize a convenience store by crawling up people’s butts and out their mouths, killing them in the process. The movie is the second film in Smith’s self-professed “True North” trilogy, which began with Tusk, a film where Smith at least seemed like he was trying. Yoga Hosers, meanwhile, is pure self-satisfaction, putting together this nonsensical, juvenile story just because he can. Which is fine, but as a movie—you know, a story told visually with actors and dialogue—it barely exists, registering as more of a “funny video” a guy decided to make with his friends and family despite promising turns by Lily-Rose Depp and Harley Quinn Smith.

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