New Angry Birds Trailer Reminds You This Movie is Really Happening

From Cinelinx:

Sony Pictures animation has dropped a brand new trailer for the Angry Birds movie, showing off more story details and the dastardly plot of the piggies. Yes...this movie is very real and actually going to come out.

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darklordzor1115d ago

I just have no interest in this one. At all.

Soldierone1115d ago

Sony animation will make this, yet pushed ratchet and clank (which looks miles better) to a third party studio?

darklordzor1114d ago

Yeah, that makes no sense at all. I mean, the Angry Bird Toon shorts you can watch in the app were way better than any of this.

sonicwrecks1114d ago

At least they're trying to make something out of it. It still looks utterly terrible, but at least they are trying.