8 Most Outlandish Thor: Ragnarok Rumours


While the first two Thor movies certainly weren’t bad (though a large portion of fans seem to dislike The Dark World as much as Iron Man 2), it’s fair to say that they haven’t had anywhere near the same impact as Iron Man and Captain America’s solo outings, neither critically nor at the box office.

One of their biggest issues seemingly stems from the fact that the God of Thunder’s adventures have struggled to find the right balance between Asgard and Midgard, but Thor: Ragnarok looks set to finally address that by taking the character on an epic cosmic adventure which might just see him facing down the end of the reality itself if that title is any indication. Throw in the fact that he’s being joined by a fellow Avenger, and things are definitely looking good when it comes to this 2017 Phase 3 release.

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