Justice League Vs. Teen Titans Official Trailer Released

CB: DC Animation has officially released the trailer for Justice League vs. Teen Titans, the next animated film set in the DC Universe.

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sonicwrecks1119d ago

Ok THAT'S looking a little better. Still not entirely liking the new style but I'm entirely down with the Titans getting their due at last.

Now if only they'd not canned Young Justice. *sigh*

Soldierone1118d ago

Young Justice was one of the best shows on TV, let alone one of the best cartoons. I can't believe they canned it....

sonicwrecks1118d ago

And for the stupidest of stupid reasons: actually having a female audience.

dota2champion1118d ago

They should of use the robin voice actor from the teen titan cartoon, he sounded so much better than this robin

sonicwrecks1118d ago

Agreed 100%, instead they've shoehorned it into the New 52 films universe and now Titans Robin is Damien. Dunno how that's going to work.