The 24 Most Insane Theories About Who Rey’s Parents Are


There are a few big mysteries in The Force Awakens. We’ve discussed one already (the identity of the First Order’s Supreme Leader Snoke) so now it’s time to discuss an even more pressing question: Who are Rey’s parents? The internet has some ideas—lots of ideas, each crazier than the last. Here are two dozen possibilities for Rey’s father, mother, ancestor, or even her creator that someone, somewhere, earnestly believes.

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WizzroSupreme1122d ago

She's totally Watto's daughter. Shmi and old blue wings totally had a thing.

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ZombieGamerMan1120d ago

Should change the title to 2 or 3 possible theories to mainly retarded theories because most of them are just plane retarded

waltyftm1120d ago

Han and Leia are her parents, Kylo ren is her brother too, so obvious.

dota2champion1120d ago

Many of those theories are just ridiculous. Kylo Ren is her father? who came up with that lame theory? Her father is obviously Luke Skywalker. How did she knew about the island that luke was at? She was born there of course! So she had some memory of it

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