Ryan Reynolds Posts Maskless Deadpool Pic

EB: Ryan Reynolds has been promoting the hell out of Deadpool on his social networks, and his latest Twitter post shows off a maskless Deadpool in costume waving a gun around. He must now be in Germany, because the tweet is in all German.

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HRoach6161119d ago

I hope this movie does well. It looks like a killer movie so far. It's been marketed perfectly. I haven't seen any missteps with this production. High high hopes. Congrats to Ryan on this one. He's worked his ass off from before the beginning to well after. This is his baby.

Go see this people. Please.

Porcelain_Chicken1118d ago

Yes sir!!

There really is a lot more riding on this movie's success than I think people probably know. I mean this is Deadpool ripped right outta the comics! Last time that happened was with Watchmen and sadly it failed. If this succeeds then maybe Hollywood suits will get the idea and stop changing the characters for the LOLZ.

SarcasticDuck1118d ago

I think they made his makeup like testicles just to make the joke on the trailers lol

HRoach6161118d ago

That, and when he's not drawn looking horribly horribly disfigured how he looks in the movie is generally how he is portrayed. Just a layer of burnt skin all over. Every now and then an artist makes him look like it's just muscle with some bone. I love that look. Really makes his outside match his inside haha

sonicwrecks1117d ago

Well we'd already seen the makeup, but great to see it combined with the suit.