The X-Files - "Founder's Mutation" Review | COG

COG writes: The truth is out there. The X-Files revival continues, and resident I-want-to-believer Paul recaps "Founder's Mutation" while giving a few thoughts.

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Digital_Anomaly1122d ago

My Struggle had me interested, Founder's Mutation got me sucked right in!

Paulhammer1122d ago

Cue Django Unchained meme?

generalwinter1122d ago

Its actually been good so far!

MercilessDMercer1122d ago

Still have them PVR'd for a binge watch tomorrow! Glad to hear good things though

sonicwrecks1120d ago

It's teasing, and I do mean teasing, hitting its stride. Lots of potential and I really hope they continue this after the episodes they've done.