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Miley Cyrus Cast in Amazon Series by Woody Allen

In somewhat shocking news, the Amazon series directed and written by Oscar winning, Woody Allen, has Elaine May and Miley Cyrus cast to take roles. The series set to take place in the 60s will have Miley Cyrus cast as well as 83 year-old Elaine May.

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DirtyPete2066d ago

Not sure how that will turn out. If there isn't a big passion for the series its hard to say id tune in. I would love for Amazon to compete more directly with Netflix originals though

Spiewie 2065d ago

Hmm Amazon Prime isn't even available in Ireland, luckily enough there's Netflix.

Soldierone2065d ago

If it's about a trouble teen she could probably pull it off, but what has me confused is that it is set in the 60s?

Even before she went loopy her acting talent was rather restricted...

Porcelain_Chicken2065d ago

She never really did anything with decent writing though. If Woody Allen thinks he can get a good performance out of her. I'm intrigued! Maybe it'll also get her to snap out of her looney "edgy" persona,