6 Most Infuriating Things About Superman

WOW247: "It’s not Zack Snyder’s fault that Batman Vs Superman isn’t going to work (although he’s not helping).

"It's the fact that Superman is far from an engaging hero, and is definitely not worthy of your admiration. Here are just some of the reasons why."

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Porcelain_Chicken1116d ago

Well the writer hates Superman lol. That much was clear. Typical mumbo jumbo. Blah blah blah he's OP! Blah blah blah he's wearing glasses! All easily refutable.

1) You pick one moment from a comedic relief bit and that's your entire argument!? :/

2) Yes glasses. Spies, assasins, secret agents all accross history have hidden in plain sight. It's not a new concept. If you change your appearance in the slightest (clothes make the man after all) and act inconspicuous you'll become invisible. It's not a hard concept to grasp. Look up the babushka lady for proof! Why was white not implemented into his suit is a silly complaint. That's the equivalent of saying there's no purple in Spider-man's costume so he's stupid and infuriating.

3) Some writers do pull stupid powers out of their arse and randomly add them to Supes. I'll give you that. Like the time he Super scanned medical documents with his eyes to find out what Stalin died from (goes against your first point). But for the sake of conversation we'll only count his most consistent powers. And he's still not unstoppable. If you're pitting him against Spider-man or a run-of-the mill thug then sure! But then you are looking at him incorrectly. Superman isn't about simply beating up a baddie and saving the day like a lot of other heroes. Superman is the story of a god living amongst men. About fitting in. It's not about wether or not he can beat the bad guy, but wether or not he's doing the right thing. Wether he's being responsible with the god-like abilities he has. Some writers do miss that in their comics but when others get it right, it's amazing! You don't get 75 years worth of success by being boring.

4) Lex, Darkseid (inspiration for Thanos), Branicac, Metallo, and General Zod are all good villains fully capable of killing "op man" in one strike. Darkseid is a mad Titan. While Braniac is technology gone wrong. General Zod is a victim of his people's fate while Metallo and Parasite are both victims of incredibly crummy circumstances and lives. Lex is a powerful weasel with a god complex. Not the best line-up in comic book history but definitely not schit! You can scrape the bottom of the barrel all you want!

5) He's noble and good-hearted is infuriating?! <_> Mkay. Opinions. Do each his own.

6) I dunno what to say to that! Congrats I guess!

markte1114d ago

At least one person has enough of a brain to understand what exactly it is that makes Superman, well SUPERMAN.

Scrivlar1114d ago

You've made some good points there, I can't agree with the glasses part though, Superman would easily be the most recognizable face in the world and nobody can tell it's him because he's wearing specs, it's absolutely ridiculous haha.

Porcelain_Chicken1114d ago

That would be true if Clark himself was a public persona but he isn't! Very few people actually see Clark enough or regularly to draw the comparison and just as few people see Superman the same way. The only people who actually come in to contact with both on a regular basis eventually figure it out! People like Jimmy Olsen or Lois Lane.

Let's say an average Joe gets saved by Superman and looks him straight in the eye with puppy dog tears. Sure he can get a clear mental picture of his face. But the odds of knowing an absolute ghost like Clark are next to none.

It's an outlandish concept believe me I know but not out of the realm of possibility!

gamejediben1114d ago

This article was written by a hater who knows so little about Superman it's embarrassing. She keeps saying he's not "relatable" as a character. Granted a lot of comic book characters are made to be relatable but not Superman. Expecting him to be relatable is entirely missing the point.

Superman is someone you aspire to be like, not someone you see yourself as. And he is not the only character in comics that fits this mold. Thor, The Vision and Captain America all share this attribute. But I don't see haters writing (terribly written) articles attacking them.

Superman's personality is also incredibly fascinating. He's an alien who wants to be human. A God-like being that wants to be mortal. He could rule the world but would rather be it's guardian. He could instantly kill anyone who opposes him but would rather gently show them a better path. He could sleep with the model of perfection Wonder Woman but he'd rather have scatterbrained Lois Lane. He wants to save anyone in peril but is devastated when he can't. Anyone who says Superman is boring clearly isn't paying attention.

Superman and Batman are two sides of the same coin and they are purposefully written this way. You can't have one without the other. So to say "Batman is awesome and Superman is not" is like saying "I want to find a treasure chest full of gold but don't want to carry it".

Superman villains are anything but average. Lex Luthor alone is one of the finest villains OF ALL TIME!!! He could half as awesome as he is and still be an A list villain. Add in the evil god Darkseid and his quest to remake the universe in his own image and Zod's desire to rule Earth with a kryptonian fist and you've got a hell of a package even before you add in Brainiac, Toyman and Bizarro. Does Batman have better villains? Sure. But Superman isn't far behind. Most comic book characters WISH they had villains like these.

This author is an embarrassment and needs to be forced to read about a subject she writes about. The very fact that Superman is STILL selling comics after more than 75 years should be an indicator that this is a character worth reading about. It's just a pity that this author totally missed it.

Porcelain_Chicken1114d ago

Very nicely written mate! I couldn't have said it better myself. Literally, I tried ^^^ and couldn't lol.