Why Avatar's Box Office Record Will Probably Never Be Broken It's still a popular opinion that The Force Awakens will become the highest grossing film of all time, but is it even still possible to break Avatar's record?

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NSG1124d ago

“if Star Wars can’t do it, nobody can” lol enough this is probably true, but yeah I doubt they'll get another 800 million to close that gap. Highly doubt that

RetrospectRealm1119d ago

People are forgetting about inflation. Avatar will definitely be beaten someday when inflation goes up and ticket prices are even higher.

JOKERACN71124d ago

Recently i heard that the new Star Wars has surpassed the sales of Avatar , was that a hoax or sth?

dcbronco1124d ago

I'm sure there is a lot of footage that ended up on the cutting room floor. There will also most likely be a director's cut released probably just before episode eight. I would release that in theaters a month or two before the eighth installment hits theaters. That would give it the extra weeks needed to get it over the top.

nriedl191124d ago

From what I've heard, there isn't a directors cut planned for release.

RosweeSon1123d ago

You are correct it's been confirmed by JJ NO directors cut will see light of day however there was around an extra 30-45 minutes of film that had to be removed for various reasons and these will be added as deleted scenes but purely that shame they are not doing a Lord of the Rings style directors cut.
I was very confident but now that it has launched in China and is still some $800 million away from top spot it's looking less and less likely, I'm it's cleared $2 billion now as the wiki page hasn't updated the takings since 24th but it would be nice to see it take Avatar nothing against Avatar I thought that film was pretty good but it's no Star Wars, may have to go see it again On IMAX to try help them break the record.

Also didn't avatar have a directors cut and then get released again separately in 3D, that's bound to help box office takings if it's out at least twice if not 3 separate times at the cinema. Still I can't see it coming out of cinemas for another 2-3 weeks, could still take Avatar yet but it's gonna be pretty close I feel. 2nd place is a cert bye bye Titanic ;)

DillyDilly1123d ago

My idea versions is just re release the OT in theater with TFA with Rogue One. Sell the tickets for $50 & the fan boys will buy them

Spiewie 1124d ago

Yeah it's a tough one, if Star Wars with it's bandwagon didn't beat it I doubt anything will. Honestly I'm not a fan of either of the two.

Soldierone1124d ago

Star Wars can beat it if Disney really wants it to. Remember Avatar "re-released" in theaters which allowed it to climb that extra few feet.

Disney can come up with several strategies and put this movie back into theaters, and if they do then it will easily surpass Avatar.

Plus it already beat Avatar domestically so it already won in my books.

d4v03331123d ago

That is what I was going to say. Avatar got re-released hence it was able to go up to 2.8 billion. Like you said if Disney does something similar I am sure it can pass the Avatar.

Thatguy-3101123d ago

You talk like the re-release brought in a lot of that 2.7 billion income. The reason that Avatar is the top grossing film is simply because of the big 3D push the movie had when it released. It ushered the new Era of 3D movies.

mike32UK1123d ago

How in any sense does beating them in America mean Star Wars won? America doesn't equal the World... Clearly, or they wouldn't be 800m behind

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The story is too old to be commented.