Brooklyn Nine-Nine "Nine Days" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s entire premise is one that allows it to have larger-than-life plots and scenarios, even if that doesn’t necessarily mean every episode ends with a shoot-out and a few doves flying around the precinct in slow motion. It’s a show that very much understands how to reconcile those big time situations with smaller, more intimate character moments—and genuine, smart humor—and that’s why it works. “Nine Days,” on the other hand, isn’t an episode that really does much of that at all. Here, the smaller, more intimate character moments in the episode end up mostly coming across as forced, while the only thing “big time” really applies to, with regards to the episode, is how big and over-the-top the plots and character actions are. Despite being a hot streak lately, Brooklyn Nine-Nine runs right into a freezing cold lake (a metaphorical one, not the literal one from “Yippie Kayak”) with “Nine Days.”

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