Arrow "Blood Debts" Review - AVClub

AVClub: At its best, Arrow is a crazy, supercharged storytelling machine, juggling multiple plotlines, ever-shifting alliances, and secrets upon secrets upon secrets. It’s a show that operates on its own particular, more than a little insane logic, sustaining itself as much by the sheer momentum of a weekly television schedule as anything else—once you pause too long to think, the whole thing risks collapsing in on itself. That’s the main issue tonight’s “Blood Debts” runs into, as it tries to pick up the pieces more than a month after the show went on the customary yuletide hiatus. Perhaps because this episode relies so much on paying off the cliffhanger of Felicity getting shot, this episode doesn’t have the luxury of easing the audience back into the Arrow universe, and that means there’s a hell of a lot of storylines for viewers to not just remember but reinvest in. I’ll admit it’s been long enough since “The Candidate” aired that I had forgotten some of the plot specifics of Lo...

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