Man Seeking Woman "Scythe" Review - AVClub

AVClub: It was hard to imagine Man Seeking Woman topping Trackanon for high concept ridiculousness, but “Scythe” does just that, setting Josh up with his worst partner yet, a white 1998 Saturn (say what you will about Gorbachaka, at least she had personality). This episode may not have the laughs of “Feather” or the depth of “Wings,” but what it lacks in these departments it makes up for in commitment. With the exception of the opening—more on this in the strays—each segment of “Scythe” commits fully to its concept, however awkward or uncomfortable. Josh’s anxiety over his thinning hair prompts the action of the whole episode and his turn as a loose cannon cop, so inured to rejection he becomes unstoppable, is the entertaining highlight of the episode, but it’s the middle section, Josh’s relationship with a seemingly safe, dependable 1998 Saturn, that is most interesting.

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