Black-ish “Keeping Up With The Johnsons” Review - AVClub

AVClub: “Keeping Up With Johnsons” is a very good episode of Black-ish. In fact, it may actually be the most fully-fleshed and realized episode of the season, as well as one that completely runs the spectrum of both black struggles and simply life struggles. You see, it addresses something that has become a major point of conversation about Black-ish and the Johnson family, which is the fact that they’re a very affluent family, and as a result, they are also a very materialist one. It’s a criticism that has been made a lot about the characters (especially Dre) recently, and it’s something that the show could easily ignore and just consider a part of the world and its characters. But Black-ish isn’t a lazy show, which is the show’s blessing that has led to the curse of certain episodes feeling like they’re coming up short. “Keeping Up With The Johnsons” is Black-ish at the top of its game, and that’s far from lazy.

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