Younger "The Mao Function" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Younger has returned and get comfortable, because it’s here for the long haul. The show’s impressive rate of in-season ratings growth plus healthy streaming numbers convinced TV Land to renew the show for a third season before the second season even started. The first two installments of this year’s run efficiently reestablish the character dynamics and shuffle some around in order to create new drama. This table-setting is the priority, but the show’s unique comedic voice also quickly reestablishes itself, serving as a reminder of what sets Younger apart from the all of the other series in an increasingly saturated television landscape. The writers’ room still loves its invented slang like “sick-lit” and ridiculous event themes like “Cold War-era ping pong diplomacy party,” not to mention its signature blend of media, pop culture, and literary references. Occasional lapses into cheesiness remain charming because the show’s continued sincerity offsets a variety of sins.

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