Workaholics "Meth Head Actor" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Workaholics is a show where ambition is the enemy. I don’t mean just for Adam, Blake, and Ders, whose attempts to extend their reach beyond the next bong hit or office prank invariably end up exploding in their faces, sometimes literally. The series itself is at its best when it concentrates on staying close to home, be it the guys’ grubby pad or their stifling workplace, TelAmeriCorp. The series’ strength is its three leads, whose riffing looseness and obvious comfort with each others’ rhythms can, at its best, create a concentrated, giggle-inducing vibe that can carry an episode briskly along on a wave of inspired silliness. When there’s too much plot, or when, as in “Meth Head Actor,” the trio splits up for much of the episode (and cedes too much time to a guest star), things get attenuated.

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