Childrens Hospital "Kids Hospital" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Much like it first season, Childrens Hospital ended its sixth season with Dr. Blake Downs coming out on top. However, this time around, Blake didn’t leave the world of Childrens for greener pastures—he instead turned Childrens into his own playground as the newly-appointed head surgeon, firing his peers that loathe him as well as literally anyone who crossed paths with him. It was the ultimate revenge plan, albeit one no one really asked for; because, as everyone watching knows by this point, Blake really is the worst, and not in the fun way. He’s the worst person in a group of terrible people, yet he still wants to be accepted by everyone, and Ballers’ Rob Corddry absolutely nails all of that both in front of and behind (this is a Corddry-penned premiere) the camera. The former characteristic is what made the ending of “Kick Me” such a big cliffhanger for the show’s sixth season, and the latter is part of what makes this episode tick at times.

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