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AVClub: How much do you adjust for nostalgia? How important is it to separate critical judgement (already a complicated stew of emotional response masquerading as rationality) from the simple pleasure of coming back home? I’m not sure. It’s a question that occurred to me several times watching “My Struggle.” This is not a great hour of television. It’s forced in places, unevenly paced, and exploits real-life tragedy to a degree that borders on tasteless. A Glenn Beck stand-in is a hero of righteous truth, and Mulder (looking a lot more grizzled and jowly than you might remember him) keeps ranting about how a beautiful young woman is the “key to everything.” Oh, and there are multiple paranoid monologues detailing conspiracy theories that wouldn’t be out of place on a Truthers message board. But I liked it.

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Sahil1118d ago

So basically Carter folds every right-wing nutjob conspiracy theory into the mythology? I was more on board with the little grey men.