Don’t Worry, X-Files Fans, the Reboot Gets Much Better

Vanity Fair:
X-Files fans have waited a long, long time to see Fox Mulder and Dana Scully team up again to investigate paranormal activity. But “My Struggle,” the premiere which aired Sunday, January 24 on Fox, was far from the show’s best work. Written and directed by creator Chris Carter, the jumbled hour was enough to cause many critics—including myself—to wish Fox had never rebooted the series in the first place. But after some critical outcry, Fox released two additional episodes for review and the good news is, X-Files fans, it gets much better.

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alycakes1121d ago

I actually enjoyed the pilot a lot. It was just giving us a little info for the rest of the series just like most pilots do.

-Foxtrot1121d ago

Some reviewers have been really harsh on this, it was great and was setting up the rest of the season. What did they expect from it.

sonicwrecks1116d ago

They had to get through the setup of explaining where their lives of taken them before getting too heavily into the things that go bump in the night.