The X-Files - "My Struggle" Review | COG

COG writes - The truth is out there, and The X-Files returns to TV for a limited run. Resident I-want-to-believer Paul recaps "My Struggle" and gives a few thoughts.

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MRBIGCAT1118d ago

I refuse to watch this until I've slogged through the old ones.

Digital_Anomaly1118d ago

So, so, so glad it's back!

Of course I set my damn PVR to record it and bloody football ran 30 min over so I've only got half the episode! Have to hunt out a copy today so I can watch part 2 tonight!

GrapesOfRaf1118d ago

Been waiting for reviews to roll in because I had my doubts but it seems solid.

Digital_Anomaly1117d ago

Make sure you didn't get screwed like I did!