15 Questions Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Better Answer

Chillopedia: God vs. Man. Night vs. Day. The Son of Krypton vs. Batman of Gotham. It is the most debated question among die-hard comic book readers and involves two of the greatest superheroes of all time. Surely Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the most anticipated movie in a really long while and will hit theaters next year. With two trailers released so far, numerous questions have been asked which will hopefully be answered with the release of the movie.

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acemonkey1123d ago

15. Im sure his retired or the one that is shinning that Batman signal that Superman is bitching about.
14. the suit is robin ( but i wonder why is it tagged up) did the joker break into the batcave and wrote on it? did robin have that writting on him before he died ( that reminded me of NWO back in the day lol) or was robin already identified/killed and the suit was out in public.
13.Its a dream or Darksied has mind control over Superman lol
12. Its either Dick,Jason or the joker ( doubt lex would do that)
11 and 10 ( i kinda dont care) guess would be from the damn sky or he made it or he got some strings and they some how recover it after the MoS invasion (zod)
8.either superman is going to court to prove he is one of us ( fighit for us) or is this when justice league unites ( but i would think WW would be there ( i know batman wouldnt go to some court hearing lol)
7. doomsday or bizzro ( his going to be used for a weapon
6. this one i really want to know ( she has been around for ages so im sure she has some ties to Batman/Bruce life)
5. Yes in the comic book world we live in yes
4. Some thinks its a not a gun but its a gun either way you look at it
3. Fuck no green arrow isnt getting love in this new 52 justice league line up ( if he is in this movie ill shit myself)
2. hope not
1. when it first comes out everybody is going to priase him for being batman like we did bale then after a few movies and reboot we will shit on him. But i have mixed feelings about him as an actor and being batman (from what i seen already) he is fit to put on the cowl