Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice - Who Will Win? Zack Snyder Asks Fans To Choose A Side

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Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice director Zack Snyder has just released a new video, in which he asks fans to choose between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight by Tweeting out the appropriate character hashtag and customized emoji.

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Soldierone1120d ago

I understand it is for marketing, but the one rule with comic book fights like this is that nobody wins. They always give one side an upper hand at different times and then it ends up being a tie. Even Stan Lee stated that before.

In this case I'm sure a bigger bad guy steps in and they just need to put their differences aside.

That all being said, Team Batman FTW!

WizzroSupreme1120d ago

Superman, obviously. Even Kryptonite doesn't keep him down long enough for him not to school Batman in any DC adaptation to date.

acemonkey1119d ago

bad marketing... yes we all know that bats and supers was going to (team up during the final act of the movie) but this whole who side are you on? or whos going to win? is a lil off maybe its good for comic books fans because we would say batman would win bc of this and that Superman can win because his strengths are unlimited (besides that he wont kill and he holds back)

Maybe if they kept the vibe from the comic con trailer and didnt release more (doomsday trailer) the whowouldwin would have been better...

in other news did anybody see that new darksied rumor? theres a picture

dota2champion1119d ago

they're going to give batman the win just to prove to fans that Superman can be beaten.

Anthotis1119d ago

The fight between Superman and Batman is the only thing the DC movie franchise has going for it at the moment, so if they manage to screw that up by giving Batman the ridiculous win then they will lose the only redeeming quality they have left.

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