Kevin Smith Hints DC Might Consider A TV/Movie Multiverse Crossover


Filmmaker Kevin Smith says that higher-ups in charge of adapting DC Comics characters for the screen have left the door open for a potential crossover between the shared cinematic universe and the shared television one, eventually.

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WizzroSupreme1903d ago

I sure hope it's true. DC would benefit from having as tight a universe as Marvel has now. And who wouldn't be up for Injustice: Gods Among Us when they eventually get to it come 2023 or whereabouts?

Porcelain_Chicken1903d ago

Didn't feel like he hinted as in "had inside knowledge". Felt more like he had the same everyone else has at one point or time pondered and decided to throw it out there. No biggie.

Personally I was very much aginst the TV-verse and movieverse combining but if it's gonna be a multiverse thing then yeah sure. Go nuts. Bring Bale back and have his Batman and Affleck's Batman have a nice meaningful conversation about Batnipples, and dead parents, and Alfreds.

My_Outer_Heaven1902d ago

If the Arrow and The Flash from the TV show moved to the movies, that would be awesome.. why recast when they already have great actors in those roles already?

Soldierone1902d ago

Well there are several reasons why it is possible. For one WB is being somewhat protective of both sides. Their upcoming comics reboot is for both TV and movies, I'd assume they only go movies if it were that important to keep them separate.

Another thing is that DC is very well known for multi-verse stories. The TV shows can be one universe and the movies another. Then they can create a story where they cross over. If they ever do one of the stories with multiple versions of a hero, simply taking the established TV characters would be the smartest thing to do.