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COG writes: Oliver is also back from his winter break and he’s dealing with the fallout from Dahrk’s last attack. But just how far will Oliver go in his hunt for Dahrk?

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generalwinter1119d ago

This was a powerful episode.

Digital_Anomaly1119d ago

I missed this episode! Forgot to PVR it and everything. :(

MRBIGCAT1119d ago

Yup, another show I need to watch.

Paulhammer1119d ago

Man, I had no idea things were back already

Hold_It1119d ago (Edited 1119d ago )

So Felicity is going to become Oracle, so you can add another stolen Batman character to the list of Arrow characters. I guess since they are wrapping up Diggle's character arc, and Oliver has his own moral compass this season, you can assume Diggle is the one in the grave. You can easily tell that they aren't going to kill Felicity because they would lose the majority of their fanbase (13 year old fan fiction girls)if they decided to kill her.

I'm so done with Arrow taking Batman characters and degrading them with preteen fan fiction. Wake me up when Arrow goes back to being more like Season 1 and 2.