10 Ridiculous Movie Premises Everybody Fell For

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We’ve all had it happen to us at some point: you’ve come out of the cinema with one eyebrow raised, as everyone around us gushes on about the film they’ve just seen. These are critical darlings, blockbuster sensations, fan favourites: movies that moved people to watch them again and again. You’ve heard all the plaudits, read the rave reviews, seen the reports of broken box office records and the lists of the highest grossing movies of all time… and you just don’t get it.

It’s not really the film though… some of these movies actually are genuinely great, brilliantly written and directed. No, it’s the idea behind the film, or an idea. Perhaps the central conceit doesn’t make any sense, or the plot has one major, inescapable hole in it that wrecks everything.

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dcbronco1527d ago

Soze killed his own wife and kids. He seems pretty hands on. I believe he would have come out plus it pushes his reputation even more.

On the Matrix you might think the idea of the Matrix just doesn't make sense but theoretical physicist actually believe it is a very real possibility that our entire existence is a simulation. So it isn't as crazy as you think.