Joblo 'The 5th Wave' Review


A gigantic spaceship sits in the sky ominously, a swirling behemoth that looks about 5x the size of Mount Rushmore. Surely, cause for concern, and indeed it's the talk of the town. But Cassie Sullivan (Chloe Moretz) sits in her classroom texting her best friend about the cute boy she's secretly in love with. That's a says-it-all scene in The 5th Wave a glaringly silly sci-fi romance based on a YA book series by Rick Yancy. I've heard that Yancy's first book (there are two out and a third on the way) is actually decent, but I can't speak to that. What I can speak to is the movie, which is neither good nor so-bad-its-good; it languishes in a state of banal mediocrity for 106 very long minutes.

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